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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Day 14 - Barcelona!

The steps leading up to the church.

Walking to get on the bus.

Front of the church

Molly got hungry

Looking down (there is a sky lift that we didn't ride)

Enjoying the views

Who said we weren't having fun!

Well, today was certainly a day of mixed emotions!! But we'll start with one - TIRED!! Since we stayed up until almost 3 on Thursday night watching POC3, we knew the day was going to start on a sleep deficit. And it did. We were due in Rockin Bar D at 9:15 for our excursion to Monserrat. We made it! We booked the half day, so there was the hope of sleeping in the afternoon.

First was a 50 minute bus ride seeing a few Barcelona sights out the window. You see the mountain in the distance, then get closer and closer, until you start actually going up the mountain. We stopped and got on the zip train to take us up. Once there, our tour guide showed us around, told us about seeing and touching the hand of the black Madonna, and that the boys choir would sing at 1 pm, not to be missed. After that we were on our own. We walked around, seeing the beautiful views below and the lovely church and surroundings. We shopped in the shops, then sat on the steps and watched the people, and basked in the lovely atmosphere. At 1:00 we went inside the church to hear the boys sing - it was beautiful. It was only marred by the disrespectful (or illiterate) people who would not follow the signs saying DO NOT TAKE PICTURES. There were flashes going off all around - certainly not respectful of being inside a church. But the music was heavenly, and you could see the people passing the Madonna at the front of the church.

After the concert, it was time to head for the bus, which met us at the top. Then it was a lovely ride DOWN the mountain - particularly lovely if you were on the side of the bus that you could peer over the edge. We learned a little more about Barcelona, including the bull signs along the highway. It was also siesta time (a tradition we fully support), so by the time we returned to the boat, it was time to eat and respect the local tradition. Very quickly it was time for our daily Kumi/Connie/Hilda visit, followed by our last dinner at Parrot Cay. We said our goodbyes to Octavian and Ranzil, and then returned to the room, intending to step out in Barcelona. Unfortunately, we realized that we had two hours to pack our stuff and get it outside, so we did not get out as planned. Instead, we sat outside and enjoyed our last few hours on the boat. There just wasn't enough time to do Barcelona, so guess we'll just have to come back!!

Tomorrow - our last day - can it be here already?!


At May 27, 2007 at 4:33 AM , Blogger PURTYPAT1 said...

Girls, I have really enjoyed your reports.

Molly I am still laughing at your birthday photo with your 21 hat holding your "plate & wine" I am glad Disney made it special.

Love your honesty, in all of your trip reports.

Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

Have a safe trip home.



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