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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Napping on Bus:

Town center of Village One:

Village One:

Phoning Daddy:

Cadiz Statue and the Magic:

View from Village One:

We hit land again today. The boat was docking as we were waking up. We had to meet at 8:15 for our excursion. We chose to go on the White Villages of Andalucía excursion. No children under the age of ten were allowed, which MB happily approved of. Joining on this excursion with us were our pals from the first day, Luann and her husband.
We got on the number ten bus and headed out on our hour long journey to the white villages. In transit, we saw several ladies walking that were wearing flamenco dresses. Our tour guide told us something about a pilgrimage and they were walking to some village that 150 kilometers away. We have yet to fact check her story, so she may be full of crap.
The first village we went to was built on a bunch of hills. It was really old. We saw a church, a snail, and a bunch of stray dogs. There was some history the guide told us, but none of it was retained in our small little minds.
The second village was half an hour away from the first. This village looked more lively than the first. We walked up a steep hill. The road was very narrow. We had to dodge cars and mopeds. We passed several shops on the way up the, but did not stop at any because we were trying to keep up with the guide. At the top of the hill there was a church. There was also a view of the countryside. Everyone took pictures. We then stopped in a hotel for a drink and snack. Lu drank white wine, Molly had coke, and MB had nothing, for she has properly hydrated before the excursion. The snacks were chips, olives, and bread that had chucks of something baked into it, that we decided were eggs. We then got thirty minutes of free time to roam around. MB and Lu ventured out to buy postcards and trinkets, while Molly stayed behind and made friends with an older gentleman. We trekked down to the bus and were happy to be headed home. MB took a nap on the bus while Molly talked to her seat mate about CoolPeopleCare, which was printed on her sweatshirt. Lu attempted to nap, but did not poses the mad napping skills that MB had.
We arrived back at the ship at two, which is about the time all the shops closed for a siesta. We took a cue from the Spaniards and had our own onboard.
Some of the cabin napped until dinner. MB and Lu wanted to venture out into the city, for they believe there is no such thing as too many trinkets. It was decided that they would eat a brief dinner and wander the city. The menu was A Taste of the Mediterranean. The food was quickly inhaled and MB and Lu went on their merry way. Molly went back to the room to take her first and only siesta of the day.
MB and Lu ran into Luann and hubby again while they were exiting the boat. They advised us that the map that we were given was useless and that we should just head west, and we would eventually hit some shops. Their advice held true, and MB and Lu were window shopping in no time. There were not many touristy shops in the area. They almost came back empty handed, except for a present for Steve, who bank rolled this vaycay. Speaking of the financier, MB finally was able to understand enough Spanish to use a telephone to contact him and catch up with the health and well being of all pets left at home.
It was now nearing eight o’clock, and MB and Lu felt it was time to head back to the ship. On the way back, Lu passed a young girl with her parents. She had a yellow Mickey poncho and was looking at the boat. Lu felt compelled to give the little girl one of her Disney Vacation Club pins. The little girl was delighted. This was a happy ending to a happy day.
High: Dinner with Octavian
Low: Weather, chilly and overcast
High: Walking around Cadiz
Low: Listening to the tour guide when trying to nap
High: Giving little girl Disney pin
Low: Napping on bus
Side note, there will a complete room tour loaded into the blog upon our return. Look for a peak inside a coveted category three.


At May 22, 2007 at 5:29 PM , Blogger ThreeCircles said...

Wow. Cadiz looks deserted! How big is that city anyway?

Those of us from www.ThreeCircles.net are curious: What is CoolPeopleCare, anyway? Please 'splain! We would love to know!

The Straight of Gibraltar tomorrow!

At May 22, 2007 at 6:38 PM , Blogger Sam Davidson said...

CoolPeopleCare shows you all the little things you can do that add up to make a big difference in the world. Check it out and tell everyone you know!

At May 22, 2007 at 7:35 PM , Blogger Marilyn said...

I wonder what you bought Steve? Cufflinks? Did they give out tequila cocktails?


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