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Monday, May 14, 2007

Day Three

Today was a day of sleep and missing events. First of all, I got up, leaving the other two in bed. I went to Topsiders for breakfast, then went to the Cove Café to relax. And look for Ed Asner, whom I did not find. After a while, I went back to the room to wake up the sleeping beauties. After all, by this time, it was almost noon. And our cabin steward wanted to clean the room before he had to do it again tonight. So, I woke them up, suggesting that food might be a nice diversion. After all, that has been one of our two activities thus far this cruise, the other being sleeping. So, they woke up, got dressed, and went for a bite.

By this time, it had been over two hours since I had eaten, so I figured it was time to eat again. I went back to Topsiders (the buffet place). As I was going down the line, I had to stop for cast members to clean the spilled food, bring more food, etc. As one of the cast members walked past, I said hello (I am a very friendly cruiser), and looked at him. He looked at me, and VOILA!! We remembered each other, he being my server at dinner on my Panama Canal cruise. (You can start singing “It’s a Small World” now). Anyhow, we said hello, he went on to his duties, and I went on down the line. At the end of the line, a cast member took my tray to show me to a table, when Denis came up and we hugged and said hello again. At this point, cast member with my tray gave it to Denis, who found me a seat. We caught up, he asked if I was traveling alone again, I said no, with my daughters, he brightened up, and then he told me he still had the two coins (Tennessee and Mississippi quarters) that I gave him the last trip, and they had brought him luck like I said they would. At that point Maribeth came up, then Molly, and I introduced them. He asked me who my servers were on this cruise, and I told him, to which he responded that Octavian (aka Smiley) was his roommate (are you still singing “It’s a Small World”?) Anyhow, he had to get back to work.

After eating and all that excitement, it was time for another nap, which we did. Later Kumi and Connie came by with the brunch menus, and the treat man came by with a tray of goodies, some of which were chocolate covered strawberries, which Molly inhaled.

We had more deliveries of surprises from the disboarders, one of which was a giant chocolate bar that had an incredible cover depicting our transatlantic journey. Wow.

What we DIDN’T do was the Castaway Club meet for repeat cruisers, the cooking demo, and the DVC meet for DVC members. I heard there were a lot of people there, so there was little chance for freebies, which is the main reason for going.

After another nap, it was time to get ready for formal night. We got our fancy duds on and ate in Lumiere’s, the fancy eatin’ place. Octavian and I made the Denis connection. I also mentioned Denis to Eileen and Bob (see Sunday’s post), to which they said they saw him, but he turned away because they had complained about him so much on the Panama Canal cruise.

After dinner, we had a bunch of pictures made, one with Donald. In the line to get pics made was Ducky Williams, a famous Disney cartoonist. We then returned to the room to rock and roll with the waves - it is pretty windy, with moderate gale force winds, and the seas are rough, 8-12 feet.

Well, I guess I’ll leave you, since it’s been awhile since we’ve slept or eaten, and we will have to decide which to do next. By the way, I won the scratch off contest today, and got a pin.

Today’s high/low:

High: chocolate covered strawberries
Low: air freshener the room steward used

High: photo with Octavian
Low: dressing up

High: disboard chocolate bar cover
Low: Missing all the meets


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