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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Day Uno- by Molly

Luanne's name badge and Keycard

Life boat drill!

MB pointing to the room number

Our matching shirts

Trying to recreate the Titanic pose.... clearly very unsuccessfully

Today was the first official day of the cruise. It started at 6am when Molly’s alarm kept going off and she wouldn’t turn it off. Eventually, we all got up and put on our coordinating pink shirts. At 9, we caught the shuttle to the airport. Upon arriving, we were put onto the first bus to the cruise terminal which left at 9:30. We arrived to the cruise terminal around 10:30. We immediately checked in and headed to the VIP concierge waiting area. Luanne went to pick up our special lanyards and a coffee run.
Upon boarding the ship, we had our pictures taken. We then went to the concierge meeting. We met one of our host, Kumi from Japan. We booked spa reservations along with Palo seatings, a rum tasting, a galley tour, and a character tea party. Afterwards we booked it to Topsider’s for the buffet. It wasn’t as great as we had hoped, but it filled our empty tummies. We wandered around for a little while and then went to visit our cabin. We went over the weekly schedules to decide what plans we wanted to make and then unpacked our luggage. Molly took a nap and then we had the lifeboat drill. Afterwards, Luanne went to the sail away party and Molly and Maribeth slept some more. Dinner was at 6:00pm and everyone tried something new. Sadly, we are at a table by ourselves and no one sat next to us. DCL apparently knows our history. Now it is after dinner and we have decided to skip the show.
Our day was punctuated by all of the people we met. We will list and give a brief description of them for you.
1. Hotel People- A couple in their 60’s traveling with his sister and niece. Not very interesting.
2. Camera/Cane- An elderly lady and a middle aged lady. Took our picture. Very chatty.
3. Lu Ann 1- A woman behind us in line. Her name was LuAnn. She had a lot of junk in her trunk.
4. Snoopin’- Maribeth and Luanne eavesdropped on the two couples in front of them.
5. Betty- A schoolteacher Molly sat next to on the bus ride. She had never been on a Disney Cruise. Molly recommended the chocolate soufflé at Palo’s.
6. Beer Tastin’- In the concierge meeting. A couple who liked beer tasting and head massages. Still unclear who let them into Concierge.
7. LuAnne 2 and Georgia- Met walking around towards buffet. Georgia asked Molly who the people with lanyards were. Molly explained repeat cruisers/disboard members. Georgia said he asked for a lanyard at the desk, and they said no. Molly gave him her extra pin. Luanne gave him her lanyard. He lives in Florida and she lives in NYC, but goes home to FL on the weekends.
8. Jason and Erik- One of the couples mentioned earlier. Stood next to us for lifeboat drill. Erik was jealous because Luanne brought camera to take pictures, and Jason didn’t let him do the same thing.
9. Smiley and NotSmiley- Smiley is our waiter. He smiles all the time. From Romania. Named Octavian. NotSmiley is the assistant and maybe smiled once. From India. Named Ranzil. Looked like maybe something was wrong.

Daily Highs/Lows

High- Dinner. Food was fabulous, Smiley was extra fabulous.
Low- The realization of over packing.

High- Unpacking.
Low- Realizing that the Spy Game was just a show where participation was mandatory.

High- Meeting multiple Luannes.
Low- The broccoli soup was a letdown.


At May 12, 2007 at 9:02 PM , Blogger Cherilyn said...

It's like summer camp with the daily highs and lows! Well, summer camp with random people and unpredictable food all around you. So, basically the same thing.

At May 13, 2007 at 9:06 AM , Blogger lynnette said...

Last night I dreamed that the Disney Magic went to a "float-thru" (as opposed to "drive-thru") McDonald's, whereupon the McD's staff took orders for the entire ship.


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